The main goal of the Study department activity is to improve the quality of professional and research-based education, teaching efficiency and increase the University competitiveness at the national and international levels through educational reforms. Our problem is to attract internally motivated and ambitious people who are ready to implement reforms. The Department of Study supports the vision of the university, forming a leading university guided by the issues of internationalization and European integration of the scientific education system, which educates competitive specialists who improve the life of their community in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market, using modern pedagogical and information technologies, ensuring high efficiency of teaching and research and effective cooperation of professors and students in the educational process.

The functions of Study department are:

  • contribute to the introduction of educational reforms, the latest technologies, student- centered learning system,
  • provide advice on the development of educational materials,
  • participate in the development, revision and revision of bachelor's and master's thesis,
  • monitor the educational activities of the chairs and other units,
  • contribute to the interconnection of educational and research processes,
  • organize trainings aimed at improving the pedagogical and methodical skills of the teaching staff,
  • monitor the implementation of classes according to the schedule.

Working time

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00


6 Abelyan St., Yerevan 0038, Armenia

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