Students Council

The student council of the university was established in 1991 and despite the fact that during
years, the vision of the council was changed, the council is committed to its adopted mission
principle, protect students' interests and rights, ensure students' participation in the
administrative bodies of the university.

The Student Council is a student representative, self-
governing elective body. It is apolitical and non-partisan. During his activity, SC constantly
monitors the improvement of the quality of students' education, to the formation of a student-
centered system, correct student-teacher relations in the university development, formation of
a favorable atmosphere for education. The cultural and sports life of the university is largely
determined by the Student Council by activity.

With the efforts of the Student Council, the "Miss Student" competition was organized for the
first time in Armenia."Intellect of the Year" student intercollegiate competition has been
successfully held at the university for years ,the competition, in which representatives of
almost all RA universities participate. With the help of the Student Council, the university
organizes sabbaticals, tree planting in Yerevan, and sometimes in different places of RA.

The focus of the Student Council's attention is on environmental issues, the coverage of
which is permanent in the university. In recent years, the Student Council has been paying a
lot of attention to student volunteering movement, promotes the involvement of University
students in various volunteer groups.

It is noteworthy that volunteer work in RA clinics was organized by the Student Council
during the period of the COVID-19 epidemic .
The Student Council of the University has participated many times in RA and Diaspora in
conferences, forums.
The number of foreign students of the university is increasing year by year and integration of
students from abroad is of great importance for the university. It plays a significant role in
this matter.

The Student Council, which recently merged the Council of Foreign Students with the
Council of Armenian Students with the aim of making the integration and acclimatization of
students from abroad easier and more pleasant Armenia and our University. The Student
Council organizes for foreign students is excursions, hikes in nature, introducing them to the
natural, historical, cultural monuments, helps foreign students to correctly orient themselves
to Armenian culture in the diversity of hearths, to know and love our country.


The library of yerevan haybusak university has started
its activity since 1991 having only one hundred unit books

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Համալսարանի ուսանողական կյանքը 1991 թվականից, չնայած այն համգամանքներին․․․
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The YHU gym is equipped with various fitness and sport equipment, the presence of which allows you to engage in sports such as MMA, traditional karate, as well as bodybuilding and martial arts programs