In the last decade, the YHU has progressively become inter-national, with Armenia’s highest share of international students (53%), international conferences, and expanding cross-border ties. Today Haybusak is home to students and teachers from various cultural backgrounds. Students from more than 30 countries have graduated from YHU, and that trend has progressively increased over the past decade.  YHU is among the leading HEIs in Armenia in terms of the number of international students. YHU has made significant progress in offering study programmes in English, which constitute one third of all programmes. Credits from foreign universities for a specific time of study are fully recognized by the YHU.


Internationalization Strategy

The overarching goal of YHU’s Internationalization Strategy is to enhance the quality of learning, teaching, and research and to promote civic responsibility among YHU students and employees. Specifically, with this Strategy, YHU aims to

  • Attract talented students and renowned international teachers to enhance the diversity of the student population and enrich their cultural and educational experiences;
  • Strengthen the University's profile and increase its international visibility and reputation.

The sub-goals of the internationalization strategy are to deploy international mobility programs and expand YHU’s international relations and participation of external stakeholders.

International Partners

The Haybusak University partners with many universities within Europe and beyond. The
spheres of cooperation include students and lecturers mobility, joint teaching and research
projects, vocational trainings, scientific conferences etc. Please see below a list of our partners.

  • Superior Institute of M.Teixeira Gomes, Portimao
  • Institute of Education and Sciences, Lisbon
  • Egas Moniz School of Health and Science, Almada
  • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Atlantis College, Liopetri
  • CTL Eurocollege, Limassol
  • University College of Business, Tirana
  • University College Qiriazi, Tirana
  • University Fehmi Agani, Gjakova
  • University Pim, Banja Luka

International Mobilities

Currently YHU has 14 visiting professors from India, Iran, USA, Iraq, Lebanon and Australia.


International Associations

The university is a member of European University Association, the main body in the creation of statements and opinions in the field of higher education. YHU contributes to the ongoing development and evolution of the European Higher Education Area.

International Projects

The project “Simulation in Undergraduate Medical Education for Improvement of Safety and Quality of Patient Care” (SAFEMED+) serves to tackle important issues, related to undergraduate medical education in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine, which takes roots back
from collapse of Soviet Union and crush of soviet educational system. The broad goal of SAFEMED+ is to improve the quality of medical education by introducing the medical simulation methods in curriculum. Despite progressive steps, taken by partner countries towards adopting western values and implementing up-to-date trends within educational systems as well, undergraduate medical education and practical training of prospective medical professionals particularly, yet remains to be a weak link on the regional level. The enhancement of patient care safety and quality by promoting simulated learning of Clinical Skills implemented in Competency Based Medical Education based Curriculum in Undergraduate Students is the
primary impact of the SAFEMED+.

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For all questions regarding Erasmus+ projects, student and staff exchange, international visits, cooperation with other universities please contact:

David Mamyan
International cooperation and exchanges coordinator
Lilit Hakobyan
Public relations coordinator,

Available languages for communication: English, French, Russian and Armenian.