Professional education at the institute is carried out in accordance with the European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System /ECTS/, the state educational standards of the RA Ministry of Education and Science, and the SP approved by the scientific council of the institute , by qualified professors, endowed with theoretical and practical knowledge. The Faculty of Law was established in 1991, and in 2014. renamed to Law and International
Relations. As a result of the pro-student policy formed in the institute, emphasis is placed on the teaching and learning methodology, the formation of educational outcomes , training specialists with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the demands of the national and international labor market. The legal clinic established by the United Nations Development Program operates in the institute , where students receive basic knowledge, acquire practical skills, and the ability to apply legal knowledge in accordance with the
requirements of the labor market. The institute cooperates with RA NAS institutes, RA law enforcement agencies, American Bar Association, RA Chamber of Advocates, private law offices, Embassy and Culture Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, NGO sector and other specialized structures. Students’ practical training is carried out in state bodies. Graduates of the institute are successfully working in Armenia, Europe and the USA.


  • Bachelor's degree The current duration of the bachelor's degree in "Law" is 4 years
  • Bachelor's degree Distance learning duration of bachelor's degree in "Law" specialty: 5 years
  • Master's degree "Jurisprudence" specialization Master's course duration: 2 years
  • Bachelor's degree "International Relations" Bachelor's course duration: 4 years
  • Master's degree "International relations" Master's course duration: 2 years

Working time

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00


6 Abelyan St., Yerevan 0038, Armenia

Contact info

Number +374 33025504

Dean's office

Liana Malkhasyan
Director of the institute
Teroyan Satenik
Ինստիտուտի տնօրենի օգնական
Pipoyan Syuzanna
Իրավաբանական կլինիկայի համակարգող


Education at the Institute of Law and International Relations
In Legal and International Relations educational institution programs in undergraduate and
graduate programs are organized.

The duration of bachelor's education is 4 years in the case of off-line training, 5 years in
in the case of distance learning. Duration of education in the master's degree is 2 years.

Education in the master's degree is carried out only in the form of off-line training.