YHU Scientific Journal, Vol 8, p.51-60, 2023


N. Balayan

YHU, “Rosslyn” Academy of Arts and Humanities
Submitted 24.04. 2023, accepted 20.06.2023

DOI: 10.61484/29538181-ss.8.23-51

Abstract. The article examines the satirical novels of the French-Armenian satirist Nshan Peshiktashlian, which focus on the Armenian revolutionary character that puts personal interests, is above national ideology creed, and whose revolutionary ideas are actually futile and fabricated moral values. The article shows how these novels bring up the imperatives of national identity and the continual existence of the Armenian nation. The article further discusses how Peshiktashlian brings up the importance of national interests, as well deconstructs the character of this anti-hero through satirizing the parasites of the revolution – the figures with false national value system. Furthermore, the article examines the essential characteristics and the style of Peshiktashlian’s political and social satire, which allowed Peshitashlian to make in depth literary analysis, creating a unique literary value. For that reason, the author of this article argues that Peshiktashlian is rightfully considered as one of the most prominent satirists along with H. Paronyan, E. Otyan and Ler Kamsar.  

Keywords: Nshan Peshiktashlian, the satirical novels, anti-hero, revolutionary ideas, satirizing