YHU Scientific Journal, Vol 8, p.31-36, 2023


Gvidonyan Karen, Gevorgyan G.

YHU, Institute of Economics, Management & Informatics

Submitted 03.07.2023

DOI: 10.61484/29538181-ss.8.23-31

Abstract. The key problem of attracting required investments in RA lies in the fact that the country has not yet developed suitable effective channels for various investment flows. The authorities are making efforts to solve the problem, taking various measures, but due to many objective and subjective reasons, investments are not flowing into the real sector of the economy. In order to solve these problems, it is important to identify the priorities of RA investment policy.

Keywords: Ներդրում, ներդրումային քաղաքականություն, ներդրումային ֆոնդ, ՕՈՒՆ, ներդրումային նախագիծ: